I consider myself fortunate and will always do what I can to make others feel that way, too.

American Cancer Society
Every year, I particpate in events that raise awareness for breast cancer. As my mom and grandma are both survivors, I have experienced the impact that this disease can have on those who battle cancer as well as the loved ones that surround them. I do believe we will find a cure if we keep raising money to fund awareness and research.

For more information on how you can give back or raise awareness for breast cancer, visit the
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation website .
Microsoft Create Change Mentor Project helps spark creativity and empowerment in today's youth. I had the priviledge of being a mentor to a group of kids who created and produced a video inspired by courage. 
Chevy Youth Soccer West Coast Tour is a tour I managed where I visited 15 cities along the west coast starting in Washington state and ending in San Diego, California. Chevy provided the opportunity for local disadvantaged youth to attend the free clinic where they learned soccer skills from coaches who came from around the world to impart their knowledge.
Las Vegas Anti-Bullying Campaign, "Deal with It." is a community effort where local Nevada high school students gathered to participate in various activities. Local celebrities and athletes donated their time to this important cause. Students heard stories of how bullying can have a lasting impact and leave an impression on all ages.
TLC Los Angeles aka Trial Lawyers' Charities is a community nonprofit that started in 2006 by a group of attorneys who wanted to give back to the LA community. I attended one of their fundraisers, a casino night designed to raise funds to support the programming planned for the year.
UCLA Quit Smoking Campaign was a opportunity for me to appear in a video to help raise awareness about the consequences for smoking and encourage smokers to consider quitting. UCLA was offering free advice and solutions to help those who wanted to stop. I was the face of the campaign video as someone who was contemplating the decision.
​AHF Worldwide: Jeans for Life Campaign is a campaign to raise awareness and money for Aids research. This cause is important as Michael lost his Uncle Jim Tindal in 1992 to the Aids epidemic. 
Oncology Nursing Society Annual Conference
 I also enjoy when I get to partner with great corporations who also give back.